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Terry Real

RESPONSE TO TRISH'S QUESTION: Dear Trish - That's one of those situations that makes most parents cringe. Look, the bottom line is it's your home, your rules. Just as you have respected your daughter to make adult decisions about sex, she needs to respect your values at home. It might be inconvenient to her, but her demand is placing an unreasonable inconvenience on you Also, explain that part of being an adult is both accepting and sharing responsibility. As the young adult sibling, she has a responsibility as a role model for the young ones, and she needs to respect the boundaries they need to be able to remain children. Take care, Terry

Jeannine Farrar

I have three teenagers living at home. I think you are perfectly within your rights to explain that you do not feel comfortable with your daughter and her boyfriend having sex in your home, regardless of what they do elsewhere. It is your home, after all, and they must respect your feelings. You are also setting a precedent for the younger children in your home.

Trish O'Gorman

How would you apply this thinking to the issue of sex? My daughter (19)has sex (protected) with her boyfriend at college so she thinks we're being prudish not letting her sleep with him at our home, so she routinely spends the night at his parents house. I have two younger children in the home and I'm just not comfortable. Any thoughts?

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